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ThriveGuides™ are the health and wellness experts at BrightlyThrive™. They’ve collected a wealth of knowledge honed through education and personal journeys with autoimmune conditions.

Each ThriveGuide specializes in a unique facet of autoimmune health and collectively they form a force dedicated to empowering others grappling with such conditions. Their diverse skill sets span a spectrum of autoimmune topics, ensuring comprehensive coverage and nuanced understanding. They are known for helping our members permanently thrive in mind, body, and spirit. Through 30-minute daily training sessions, our ThriveGuides™ impart invaluable wisdom, offering bite-sized, actionable steps tailored to individual needs.

Let’s Meet Them!

Allison Rassp

Hashimoto’s Expert & Holistic Health Coach

Thriving from California

Christina Tidwell

RN & Functional Nutrition Coach

Thriving from California

Bridget Ballesteros

Integrative Health Practitioner

Thriving from California

Desiree Werland

Dez Frame of Mind Guide

Thriving from Texas

Alexa Frederico

Functional Nutritionist  

Thriving from Texas

Our Team

Meet the faces behind BrightlyThrive™!

Our team is a vibrant group of diverse talents and passions, united by a common mission: to empower individuals on their path to wellness. With backgrounds ranging from nutrition and holistic healing to creative design and community experts, our team embodies a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Together, we strive to support, inspire, and guide you towards a brighter, thriving future.”

Let’s Meet Them!

Noelle Creamer

Community Co-Founder

Thriving from Arizona

Cassandra Carpenter

Community Co-Founder

Thriving from Arizona

Hanna Jade Watson

Community Host

Thriving from South Carolina

Erin Conroy

Community Coordinator

Thriving from North Carolina

Jessica LeSueur

Marketing Manager

Thriving from California

Bernadette Villa Del Rey

Social Media

Thriving from Philippines

Oliver Jan Villarino

Graphic Design

Thriving from Philippines

Benjamin (Gio) Vera Cruz

Content Creator

Thriving from Philippines

Melvin Piscasio


Thriving from Philippines

Lesly Silang

Graphic Designer

Thriving from Philippines

We Embrace Differences

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Identify as LGBTQ+

Identify as a minimalist

Are parents of humans

Have a health condition or disability

View yourself as an adventurer or thrill-seeker

Are parents of fur-babies



We are all about smiles, support, and authenticity and are a tight-knit group of lifelong learners who really have each other’s backs, bringing out the best in each other. We mix hard work with a good dose of fun, curiosity, and a spirit of experimentation. It’s this perfect blend that helps empower everyone to lead healthier, brighter lives, even with autoimmune challenges. Together, we’re not just strong—we’re unstoppable, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.