Healing doesn’t happen in isolation. Together, we can learn, grow, and transform.

We’re a remote-first company, which is basically a fancy way of saying we work from wherever there’s solid WiFi. We’re more about brains and grit than post codes. Our team spans from America to Asia, and many points in between. It’s not always easy finding creative and talented individuals, but that’s why we opted out of the traditional office scene. By joining us, you’ll collaborate with a diverse group of thinkers and doers from all over the globe! Together, we’re leading a movement to reimagine autoimmunity as a guiding light to optimal health and a life worth living.

Noelle Creamer

Community Co-Founder

Thriving from Arizona

(She’s the one behind the grand community blueprint)

Cassandra Carpenter

Community Co-Founder

Thriving from Arizona

(She makes sure everything is coordinated with brilliance)

Hanna Jade Watson

Head of Community Well-Being

Thriving from South Carolina

(She’s our community host extraordinaire)

Erin Conroy

Director of Community Flow

Thriving from North Carolina

(She’s our make-magic-happen logistical queen)

Bernadette Villa del Rey

Community Creative Director

Thriving from the Philippines

(She creates our community’s aesthetic spark)

Oliver Jan Villarino

Lead Community Graphic Designer

Thriving from the Philippines

(He turns concepts into beautiful works of art)

Benjamin (Gio) Vera Cruz

Community Writer

Thriving from the Philippines

(He’s our content wordsmith

Melvin Picasio

Community Videographer

Thriving from the Philippines

(He captures the heartbeat of our community with cinematic finesse)


This smiling team? 😄 We’re a happy group of people who work hard to empower you to live your healthiest, brightest autoimmune life. We blend our work with just the right mix of fun, curiosity, and experimentation. It’s not alchemy, but sometimes it feels like it. Through our learnings, we curate meaningful conversations and magical experiences that go beyond mere words. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk of community building, forging connections that help bring healing to the world 🌎

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