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A community-based app that provides an inclusive and fun space to connect, learn, and brightly thrive with others facing autoimmune challenges.

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Why BrightlyThrive™ ?

Connect to a supportive community

Join us and gain access to a supportive community of understanding peers, dedicated hosts, and ThriveGuides™. Together we thrive, creating positive, life-changing connections.

Discover supportive strategies from experts

Learn from the ThriveGuides™, our health and wellness experts, who have amassed extensive knowledge from education and their own personal autoimmune journeys.

Grow your connection to yourself and your body

Our members report greater awareness of sensations, root causes, connections to specific triggers, and greater hope when participating within the community.


Community Voices

Experience a Thrive Live Session

Access new Thrive Lives each day and unlock hundreds of on-demand replays as part of your membership benefits.

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As a member of BrightlyThrive™, you gain access to an exclusive team of empathetic coaches and health and wellness practitioners, known as ThriveGuides™. Our ThriveGuides™ lead 30-minute daily ThriveLives covering various topics related to autoimmune wellness and chat with community members to offer guidance and support.

We care about culture

Meet our Community Host

We are passionate about creating a supportive, kind, and helpful online community. The culture we build is important. Our community host, Hanna Jade (HJ), ensures all discussions, chats, and community events follow our guiding principles.

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Music has the power to heal, inspire, and connect us. Listen to the BrightlyThrive Spotify playlist curated by our community!

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