Meet The Experts Who Walk the Walk: Our ThriveGuides™ Share Your Autoimmune Journey 👋

Looking for more than just experts? Our ThriveGuides™ are more like kindred spirits. They aren’t just knowledgeable; they’re living the autoimmune journey right alongside you. As a member of BrightlyThrive, you gain access to an exclusive team of empathetic coaches and health & wellness practitioners – our amazing ThriveGuides™! These exceptional coaches are carefully selected for their expertise, their deep understanding of autoimmune wellness, and their all-around fantastic personalities. But here’s the real magic: they’re not just professionals; they’re your new BFF’s. From cheering on your achievements to guiding you through transformative moments, they’ve got your back every step of the way. So, grab your favorite beverage, join the party, and let’s embark on a wellness journey like no other with your ultimate ride-or-die crew! 🚀

Allison Rassp

Hashimoto’s Expert & Holistic
Health Coach

Thriving from California

Margaret A. Romero

NP, Author, Podcast Host, & Autoimmunity Expert

Thriving from New York

Alexa Federico

Functional Nutritionist, IBD & Digestive Wellness Specialist

Thriving from Massachusetts

Christina Tidwell

RN and Functional Nutrition Coach

Thriving from California

Bridget Ballesteros

Integrative Health Practitioner

Thriving from California

Desiree Werland

Dez-Frame of Mind Guide

Thriving from Texas

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